New & Hot: Please Don't Feed The Models

Monday, July 14, 2008

Emperors New Clothes Please Don't Feed The Models Tee
Emperors New Clothes Models Tee

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Simple, chic, straight-forward message tees from The Emperors New Clothes are sweeping the fashion world. Have you jumped on the ENC Tee bandwagon? Personally, I'm about to fall hard for these funky new shirts. After a couple seasons of faux-vintage message tees, I think this new wave of stark slogan shirts are a breath of fresh air. Finally, a message tee that a non-teenager can pull off.

And pull it off they do. Emperors New Clothes message tees have been spotted on Steven Tyler, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, Ryan Seacrest, and Gwen Stefani-- not exactly your standard Disney channel teeny boppers. Designed by Richard Wheeler and Gavin Bond, former fashion students from London now based in NYC, Emperors New Clothes was created in order to "bring a touch of humor to the fashion industry through a series of satirical slogans." I think they are pulling that off quite nicely. These super hot tees are now stocked by some of fashion's most loved boutiques, including Colette in Paris and Kitson in Los Angeles.

Ready to make Emperors New Clothes a part of your regular wardrobe? I suggest the "Please Don't Feed The Models" tee-- the tee that started it all for ENC. I'd pair this fashion-forward tee with a shrunken black blazer, designer denim and mile-high platform pumps for a rocker-chic look that's begging to be taken out to pre-dinner cocktails. No need to travel to Paris or LA to pick up this ENC classic-- click on the photo to link directly to where you can purchase the Emperors New Clothes "Please Don't Feed The Models" Tee online.